Saturday, September 24, 2011


          I am loving the new show of MTV. A teen, drama, and comedy kind of show. Being a teenager is kinda hard, having sleepless nights, waking up so early you can't even think of any good reason to get off the bed in the morning  and zombie-ing your way to the bathroom, getting tired of your day-to-day routine, being sick of attending your boring class after another, trying your best not to humiliate yourself in front of the other students and basically surviving your whole day in school. Compared to other movies or TV series, who give us time to escape and fantasize about things we wanted to have or we wanted to be. Well I think we might have a solution to all of that because the show "Awkward" makes us understand and see what really is the reality of life and how to cope into every single problem in our teenage life.
         “Awkward,” a new comedy about suburban high school life, beginning on Tuesday on MTV, is both homage and rebuke: a tribute to the exquisite mix of satire and sincerity that distinguished “Freaks and Geeks,” and a takedown of the cloying sanctimony you witness after only a few minutes of something like “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” (Read More)

          MTV, Tuesday nights at 11, Eastern and Pacific times; 10, Central time. Produced by MTV. Created by Lauren Iungerich. Ms. Iungerich, executive producer. David Janollari and Justin Levy, MTV executives in charge of production. WITH: Ashley Rickards (Jenna), Beau Mirchoff (Matty), Molly Tarlov (Sadie), Jillian Rose Reed (Tamara), Brett Davern (Jake), Desi Lydic (Valerie), Nikki DeLoach (Lacey), Greer Grammer (Lissa), Jessica Lu (Ming) and Mike Faiola (Kevin).