Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Snap!

        The Hotel and Restaurant Management Society (HRMS), a student organization  celebrates their 30years of existence. As an organization the UST HRMS aims to:
  •  Gain better understanding of the professional and practical requirements of the Hotel and Restaurant Management Industry;
  •  Stimulate discussion concerning the future of the Hotel and Restaurant Management Industry among students, faculty members, staff and the business community.
  •  Promote friendly relations among students in the same field of endeavor and to the people in the Hotel and Restaurant Management Industry
  •  Promote and encourage the true spirit of brotherhood and unity between Hotel and Restaurant Management students and students from other fields; and
  • Help and support the less fortunate, talented, qualified student-members of the Society to actively participate in the Society’s projects like the Chef’s on Parade that would help develop their skills and talents.  Add them up on Facebook.

You cuuuh-razy shits are the best! With Jeck, Jan and Irvin

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Go nuts for Donuts.

We were asked to make our own print ad for our Marketing subject. With so many products we have in this world, I find it hard to choose one. I wanted something colorful and could be an eye-catcher. I have to choose something that is unique from others and can also describe my personality. With the help of my good friend, we came up of doing a doughnut ad, we tried playing with the colors of my make-up but making sure that we stick to the main product. So here's the final output. :)

GONUTS DONUTS Heaven in every bite. :D

Photography by: Genevieve Son © Vieverie
Edited by: Genevieve Son © Vieverie
Model: Me
Make-up by: Genevieve Son © Vieverie
Hair by: Genevieve Son © Vieverie
Styling by: Genevieve Son © Vieverie

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