Sunday, September 12, 2010

Photography by: Me
Edited by: Me
Model: Mauro Lumba

It's a wrap!

        Second and last day of shooting our film project. Can this day get any worse or what? My groupmate forgot to bring the book and the script needed for the second part of the film. What are we supposed to do now? Oh right.. To the laptop! Thank God we have Internet. Found a full copy of the story, lucky us! All I need to work on is a new script. Let's get it on!
        After half an hour, we started shooting.. and laughing and laughing and laughing. Haha Maybe I should call this day a Blooopers Day. This guys are cracking my balls, oops I don't have one. lol Sorry for that, but seriously, they are so hilarious. However, we should get things done and be serious. After how many takes, we are finally done! Time to say.. THAT'S A WRAP!
Smile! You’re amazing! :>
Sige guys, maglaro na lang kayo. :j

Friday, September 10, 2010

Photography by: Me
Edited by: Me
Model: Mauro Lumba

The War

         We are required to film a short story for our final project in my subject World Literature. I got so worried for finding out that the groupings was by row. Why? Well.. not only I am grouped with the most crazy people in the class, but also all of them were boys. Great! Just great! Maybe this will become an individual work now. Picking me as their leader, have to make script, direct the film, look for a place to shoot, or costumes to use. Oh and did I mention I'm a little bit a perfectionist? Yes, I think I got it from my mom. Oh well, I'm just hoping we will be given a good story to play.
        3days after, our professor assigned us our story, and guess what literary piece we got? The War. Hallelujah! Having almost all of the guys in a group is perfect! *light bulb* Ideas are flashing in my mind. I just need a little help from a tech theater and then we can start. Some of the groups were saying that we are taking this project too seriously, well.. yes we are. I must say having crazy group mates aren't that bad after all. There's no room for boredom. Cracking up jokes and bloopers every now and then really paid off our tiredness. Here's a little background of the short story we're filming.
        The War by Luigi Pirandello. The author writes about peoples’ reaction to war though the eyes of the main characters. The setting of the story takes place in Europe, in a stuffy and smoke filled second-class train carriage. The main characters, a bulky woman—almost like a shapeless bundle—and a fat, red faced man among others, talk about their children at war, and the right to grieve about them. But because of past denial, the characters discover that when confronted with death, they are stripped of their masks and confronted with reality. (read more)
What is this? Bromance? :))) Kevin and Rendell
Feeling director. :))

Mauro Lumba

Sunday, September 5, 2010