Thursday, November 24, 2011

Self-timer Shot

Today I went early to school for nothing. Great! Just great! My professors are going to have a faculty meeting the whole day so I went home. Since it’s too early and I have nothing to do, I thought of making my day as productive as possible, ensuring that I have something to blog about at the end of the day. However, there’s no one in the house who could help me take pictures. And because I’m feeling anxious about giving you guys another entry, I tried to take my own photo with a timer. Except I don’t think it gave me better photos. What do you guys think?

 What I’m wearing: Owl Dress (H&M), stockings (Darlington), shoes (Punkberry)
 knit beret hat (bought it from a store in Tagaytay)

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

It all started with a Blender

        Jamba Juice now in Manila! For those who doesn’t know it yet, Jamba Juice opened last 11/11/11 at The Fort Bonifacio. It is a healthy lifestyle brand that would help children and adults to eat their greens with a twist. They serve fruits and vegetables smoothies, oatmeal, custom-blendable frozen yogurts, and boosts & shots for your smoothies. Me and my cousins tried it yesterday, and it sure is great! Visit them at 7th Avenue corner 29th Avenue South, 1634 Fort Bonifacio. Check out their website here

 What we ordered: Strawberry Surf Rider (with whole fruits and nonfat frozen yougurt), Five Fruit Frenzy (all fruit and creamy smoothie), Banana Berry(with whole fruits and nonfat frozen yougurt), and Peach Perfection (all fruit and creamy smoothie)-which I totally loved!
For snacks we had: Spinach ‘n Cheese Wrap, Steel Cut Oatmeal, Parmesan Pretzels, and Cheddar Tomato Twists.


           Last Monday November 14, 2011 I had the chance to see David Guison, he had a talk at UST for the CFAD week (The Ultimatum). He gave us a lot of information about fashion blogging, food blogging, photography and some other stuff. And I enjoyed every single minute of his presentation, he was amazing and hilarious! I’m so happy to be there and I really learned a lot from him. You can check his blog here.

What I’m wearing: Blouse (random Hongkong brand), Jeans (Forever21), Shoes (Tiende)

 Necklace (given by my grandma) Bracelet (extreme finds

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Skirt to Kill

           This is what happens when creativity attacks. Who knew a very long horrible dress would turn into a chic skirt? Well, at first I thought this dress was hopeless but voila with a little bit of cutting, sewing, and altering I came up with this fab skirt!

What I’m wearing: Lace Blazer (So Fab), Black Top (random brand from Hongkong),
  Skirt (self-made), Shoes (East)

 Accessories: Necklace (H&M), Ring (random brand from Bangkok)

  Shades (Vintage), Bag (random brand from Hongkong)

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Special thanks to Genevieve Son. Follow her on Tumblr here.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Introducing Natori Boutique in Manila

          The brand’s first boutique outside US is in the Philippines. Natori is a brand owned by a Filipina, Josie Natori. She designs almost everything, from clothes to accessories to lingerie’s to perfumes and even home accents. Wow! What a talented individual! Another artist to look up to. Proud to be a Filipino. Natori opens a boutique at Rustan’s. You can check her website here.

   ”Women should never apologize for spending.”- Josie Natori

Black and White World

         “I just need to find some colors in this black and white world.” I was listening to The Maine’s track Colors and it gave me an idea of putting up a black and white outfit. Lyrics are not just for music, it can also be an inspiration for fashion.  Try it, you'll never know where music can lead you.
V-neck white shirt from Bench, Black Blazer from Reference Clothing Co. Black Legging from random Hongkong brand, Shoes  from Janylin Shoes.
Accessories from Extreme Finds.
Look who joined me. Hello Liam!  

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Paint me a Rainbow.

         Since I'm still not busy doing school works, I would like to take this chance to post an entry of what I think is a better way to dress up for a blind date, or perhaps a fun night with your girlfriends. You can hit a restaurant or a bar, or maybe a  place with a delightful ambiance. A simple dress with a blazer will do and don't forget to accessorize. Put your fab heels on and you are ready to go.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


         My first day of second semester starts tomorrow. Hello sleeping late, stressing out, doing too much work, attending boring classes, and allowance! Oh and not to forget, being alone for the rest of my second semester. My friends and I have different schedules. I got different subjects and classes, and not one of them have the same class or break as mine. Poor me. Anyway.. I can do this, all I need is a little motivation and prolly a lot of inspiration. Haha I have to survive! Will be sleeping early almost everyday now, classes starts at 7am. I hope I will still have time to update my blog. Au-revoir!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rainy Saturday!

It's Supersalebazaar Day today! :) Went to World Trade Center to check and buy clothes in a lower price. Bloggers were spotted Laureen Uy, Camille Co, and Lissa Kahayaon in their own booth.

Since it was raining hard and I was too lazy to move, I just wore a
V-neck white shirt, jeans, a scarf, comfy flats and I'm ready to go.